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7600, South Africa

Posted November 13, 2015

Boerboels, aka South African Mastiffs, are lovely family dogs. They are very intelligent and loyal. They are easy to train and very obedient.

Tessa is not the most energetic dog, but they need the occasional run to keep fit. Purebred Boerboels are notorious for having bad hips. Tessa is no different and have torn both her hind legs' ligaments. This needed to be fixed by means of a small operation, but afterward they were good as new.

Tessa doesn't interact as much as, say, a smaller breed of dog would. They prefer attention from you through touch, rather than fetching a ball. If they can sit near you or have you pet them in some way, they are more than happy.

They are very low maintenance and don't really shed any hair. They love chewing on things, so bones and hooves would keep them busy and happy. (Chew toys don't last - they have incredible jaw power)! We treat our Boerboels to an occasional helping of (cooked) meat and left-over bones to chew on. This, together with the right vet-approved dog food, would constitute a healthy diet. Refrain from giving them raw meat, as folklore has it that this can make them more inclined to bite people.

Tessa is very friendly with other pets and dogs, but fiercely territorial. Other dogs are welcome, as long as they know she is the alpha female.This might be because of her personality. Cats and birds are safe to come into contact with her. Our other Boerboel, however, does not like other dogs and would attack them to show dominance. That said, even she does not have a problem with other pets like cats.

Boerboels are great guard- and watchdogs. They dislike it when another person is between them and a member of their family. They are very protective and loyal to their owners and family members. When they bark, it usually means a stranger is approaching or there is something that is out of place. They are quick to pick up on changes in their environment. They are weary of strangers and would attack rather than bark. This is not a problem if they are properly 'introduced' to strangers by a family member.

They are loving and good with kids, despite having a bad reputation. As long as you train them to be obedient and look after them, they will look after you and keep you safe.
Overall a very smart, loyal and protective dog to have.

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