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Boerboel Kaptein


United States

Posted June 28, 2014

Boerboel dogs are large muscular and agile working dogs. They need farms or large yards to keep them occupied and to exercise. My puppy was very loving and very social, seeking attention from his master at every opportunity.
Like most Boerboels, he was an outdoor dog, due to his size and long tail. Playtime could turn any indoor space into a war zone in mere seconds, therefore this mastiff relative needs to be considered only if you have the room for it to be free. A Good fence is recommended. My dog frequently "escaped" from our farm and eventually this lead to him being bit by a snake. Unfortunately he died from the snake bite, and we only found him a few days later in the bush about one mile from home.
My Boerboel was one of 15 dogs we had, so he was trained in basic obedience, and to be a watch/guard dog. It was very easy to train boerboels in guarding the homestead, since they are instinctively very protective of their territory.
They all got along very well with other animals, including rabbits, cats and chickens. They did not like strangers though, specifically strange people. They would pin anyone in a corner, and not let them go unless instructed by their master.
They require a consistent and strong minded owner, and will turn on their owners if treated badly. In general they are extremely protective of their "pack" and will protect children and their owners to the death.
This bread was used to hunt Lions, so expect it to be a Lion eater at heart.

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