Bluetick Coonhound

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United States

Posted March 11, 2014

Growing up in the country I'm very used to being around and working with hounds. These dogs are extremely smart but also can be rather wily at times. They are bred to be hunters and as such, if let to their own devices, will find things to hunt. Whether that be another animal or rolling through garbage that happens to be left out.

They are a very vocal breed as well, known for their loud howl when they tree their target. That howl also comes out quite frequently when they meet new people. While adults don't seem to mind, sometimes this can scare small children. Especially because it is generally accompanied by a very thorough sniff-down. This is not in anyway a sign of aggression or anger but rather just how they present themselves to new people. It is important to keep in mind though if you plan to have them frequently around new people, especially younger ones.

My biggest recommendation would be to truly only consider purchasing a bluetick if you have the intention of training him to hunt. They need to be active and if they get bored, they will get into mischief. They are fantastic when it comes to grooming though and barely ever require much more than a brushing and a regular bath.

We absolutely loved our bluetick and had many runs through the woods chasing everything from squirrels to rabbits. Sadly, he was killed by a pack of (we believe) wolves on a hunting trip we took. I hope to one day get another bluetick when I have the time (and energy) to keep up with him and take him out hunting again.

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