Bluetick Coonhound

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Male

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Old Blue


United States

Posted November 18, 2013

Blue was a hunting dog that belonged to my dad. The breeder trained him and sold him to us when he was about a year old so I don't feel like we had the bonding opportunity with him that we did with a lot of the dogs we adopted as puppies. He was still a great dog overall though. He wasn't used as a hunting dog as often as Dad expected so he ended up just being a family pet though he was primarily outside.
He was very alert and easy to train. You only had to teach him something once or twice and he'd pick up on it. For the most part he just hung around the house and spent a lot of time asleep on the porch. Haha.

The downside to him and I think a lot of dogs of this type is that he had a very high prey drive. It made it difficult to have a cat or for the neighbors to have them even. He never hurt one but he couldn't see one without chasing it. He was also a fairly noisy dog at night. We never successfully taught him to be quiet. Hounds don't exactly bark, they bay, which sounds awesome as long as it isn't keeping you awake at night!

Overall: Fantastic breed, very easy to train and a great family pet. Definitely needs training early on to not bark at everything that moves.

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