Bluetick Coonhound / Dalmatian Mix

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United States

Posted July 15, 2015

Nina was originally adopted from a rescue group on Facebook. She wasn't the dog we originally requested, but we were talked into accepting her. Originally it was mentioned that she was not on a steady diet and so had diarrhea often. We were hoping that once we got her home and on a steady diet, that things would quickly change. We were wrong.
We quickly found out that Nina's condition was not improving and this made continued crate training difficult. Any time she was left in the crate, she would defecate in it and there would be an incredible mess. This seemed to cause her an incredible amount of anxiety and she would be visibly upset when we encountered her after this. She seemed to be afraid and when approached after making a mess in her cage she would urinate on the ground. She became very skittish as a result, and would often try to hide when she had to go potty in various areas of the house. We took her to the vet often. They ran a plethora of tests and took many samples. None were able to figure out what was wrong. She continued to have liquid diarrhea for probably about a year. We feared for her health and it was becoming increasingly stressful to care for her, despite her loving demeanor. We had mentioned the situation to a family member and this person suggested that we try gluten-free food. Lo and behold, we tried her suggestion, and it worked! We notified the vet and once her diet was strictly gluten-free, there were no issues with her liquid diarrhea! It appears she has the canine counterpart to Celiac disease and is gluten intolerant.

Nina is an incredibly loving dog. She loves to play and has high energy and emotion. She especially loves playing with other dogs, large or small. She doesn't seem to enjoy playing with any sorts of toys, but loves to run and jump and wrestle around with other animals. She is very kid-friendly and is always excited to greet others, though is wary at times. She is hesitant around males often, though not ones she is familiar with.

One thing to watch out for is the intense amount of shedding! Nina sheds very frequently and the house was almost always covered in her thick fur, whether she was brushed frequently or not.

We were not home often enough due to busy work schedules and unfortunately had to give her up and she now lives with family members.

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