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Lacys are working dogs and are not for everyone!


Mississippi, United States

Posted March 17, 2010

Although pretty to look at, Lacys have been bred to be working dogs, and need an outlet for all of that energy. They should not be left in a kennel, or alone inside of your home for extended periods.
They can make a great pet, but you better be prepared to spend a lot of time socializing them, and training them in the first two years. This is not a breed for the average, or first time dog owner, who may decide that they have taken T-Rex into their home in the first few months, if unprepared to deal with their drive and grit.
Lacys are highly intelligent, and can handle many tasks. They make great blood trackers, and are remarkable bay dogs, handling hogs with finesse. They are also wonderful companions, and seem to truly enjoy spending time with their handler. But, they can be quite taxing at times, especially with owners who might not be the strongest at playing the role of pack leader.
Lacys are generally very healthy. But, anyone considering getting a pup should be wary of its origin. Stick with established breeders, and known backgrounds, to insure against future problems. These dogs are becoming very popular, and this has opened the door for breedings producing dogs with problems, such as bad temperment and terrible ear sets that look like they are about to fly off of the dogs heads instead of laying down as they should.
Lacy come in three colors, Blue (hence the name), Red, and Tri... They may have some white on their toes, and a small patch of white on their chests, but too much white is a problem. They are a mid-sized dog, with high drive, and can be very gritty. They have a dense coat of short hair, and can handle hot weather, and moderate cold temperatures without problems.
They can do well around children, but may be too active for smaller ones. This is not saying that they are vicious, but suggesting that adults consider thoroughly what can happen with active dogs, and little people. They need a large area to run in, on a daily basis. I would not recommend them to anyone who lives in an apartment, or a dorm, and who could not dedicate several hours each day to spending time exercising a Lacy, or someone who would be buying for color, or because it is the state dog of Texas.
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