Black Russian Terrier

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A thief


11000, Serbia

Posted March 12, 2017

Black Russian terrier is a strong, powerful, dominate dog. I have a female, her name is Masha-she got a real Russian name off course :). I will not write about intense grooming , about every day combing and brushing which can be very annoyable. I will write about how those dogs are smart that is sometimes scary. If you feel that you can't live with a dog who is smarter than you are, then this pedigree might not be a good choice. Masha is a professional thief. She stoles food. She knows how to open the door of the kitchen and to take everything from the table or from the lower shelves, I am surprised how she didn't learn to open the fridge so far :). She even learned how to close the door again, so no one will suspect something changed. And she is very fast in doing that. Once, I left my saucepan with leftovers on the kitchen table, and went out just to take the garbage. Five minutes after I started to convince myself that I didn't put any food in my saucepan, because for me it was unbelievable, that one dog is already laying in his bad peacefully, not showing any signs of moving :). As years past, she developed the business of stealing and learned how to steal the treats from the pet stores. She even started entering the pet shop by her own. Women from the shop was so happy to see her, because Masha would shake her tale and acted like she cared for the poor woman:). Only sign of stealing was running straight back home,it was like '' I'm not interested in walk anymore, I want to go to my cozy bad''. She buried the treats under her bad and waited to be left alone. Sometimes at night when she thinks everybody are sleeping, you can hear a crunchy sounds... So, I admit, my Russian terrier is smarter than me, but she is my favorite actress and I admire her for that!

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