Black And Tan Coonhound / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: N/A

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Reserved, a little timid, but very very gentle and attentive to her owner.


Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Posted June 1, 2009

Emma was dumped with her brother and sister in the desert by some jerk in a pickup truck (seen driving down a dirt road away from town with them in the bed, but not in the bed when heading back to town....) her brother and sister looked very much more coonhoundish, but were all defintately related to each other. Those 2 were placed together in another home. She was very timid and shy and had been obviously abused but with considerable rehab, has blossomed. She would not be called unfriendly, just reserved, she is content to sit and watch whats going on as long as it is across the room. (unless she is called by dad and boom, shes right on the spot wanting to work ) She has the perfect energy level, as she can lay at your feet or at the end of the bed all day long just like a coonhound under a porch, but when it comes time to go somewhere she can go all day long without tiring, just like a typical coonhound. She is definitely a one owner dog but follows that leaders requests very well and although still slightly timid will do whatever is requested.   She always seems to get plenty of compliments ever where she goes, even when she is next to our other puppy...Her biggest flaw with cats is that she thinks they want to play and wants to follow them around and try to lick them...  

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