Bichon Frise

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Crate, Puppy, Obedience

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The Little Bichon who Loves


Winter Park, Florida, United States

Posted January 6, 2017

After having grown up alongside of a large, active, and heavily trained chocolate lab as a child, I was unsure of how much of an adjustment a much smaller, more playful and free-spirited Bichon Frise would be.
However, on all accounts I have been pleasantly surprised and satisfied by my much smaller animal companion. Although we adopted her from an Animal Rescue center at the age of 8 when her original owner became too old to properly care for her, our little dog immediately fell in love with me and my family. Perhaps her biggest strength as a dog is that she LOVES her family, almost to a fault. This is an incredibly social dog, one who loves to go on trips, steal the occasional bite of ice cream, and sleep on the beds of her loved ones, rather than on her own puppy pillow. This is a beautiful trait to have in a dog, but it also requires that we are able to spend a lot of social time with her, take her on trips and vacations that we go on, and even bring her on short trips to the store or to a family members home. When left alone, she becomes very sad, and is practically the only time she is known to bark. However, transportation is much easier due to her size: able to scoop under an arm, or ride comfortably in the car on a lap or next to you in the seat. Her breed is known to encounter a few health issues, and as she has grown older we have noticed that she needs a little more upkeep in terms of keeping her eyes healthy, and what kinds of food she can eat, however, these have been small prices to pay when compared to the love and happiness she has brought to our family. I would highly recommend this type of dog to a family, particularly a family with respectful children, that are looking for a very social, loving dog, and can commit to spending lots of time with her, as I can promise you, once she's with you she won't be leaving anytime soon!

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