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Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Posted June 28, 2016

While I only have the one bichon, I know many others, and there are certain traits to the breed that I have been able to recognise over time. Bichons are exceptionally loving, they remind me almost of a little chick that has imprinted on its mother. However, this can lead to separation anxiety with many bichons, but this can always be avoided with the correct training as a puppy. When it comes to training, bichons are intelligent, but they are also stubborn and strong-willed. While mine is always fantastic when we have training sessions, it is a completely different matter when he's outside off-lead amongst so many other distractions. My bichon is full of energy and always wants attention, but if I give him a good walk in the morning, and another in the afternoons, he is much calmer throughout the day.

There are many websites out there that state that a bichon needs an hour of grooming each and every day, and this is something that I find to be completely untrue. If you are looking for a show-type bichon that always looks impeccable, then yes, an hour a day is needed, but if you have a bichon as a family pet, then just keep the coat quite short, and a quick brush a few times a week is all you need.

I am so attached to my bichon, but I don't think that I would opt for this breed again, mostly due to the fact that I now live in the Scottish countryside, and keeping a white fluffy dog clean is near-impossible!

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