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My Bichon


United States

Posted April 20, 2016

I've always loved dogs. Pebbles was the sixth dog I had in my life. My mother's friend gave my family her puppy because she didn't have time to take care of it.
The dog instantly became a part of our family. Because I was so young, I was still attending elementary school, and I wasn't home as often as my mother was, who worked from home. The dog instantly clung to her and my mother because my dog's "person". Seven years later, my mother is still my dog's "person". Any time someone tries to talk, hug, or even glance at my mom my dog either becomes very protective or jealous, depending on who the person is.
Now that I have three small dogs, two of similar breeds, I've learned that small dogs tend to be very temperamental and hard to train. When we first got Pebbles we started crate training her, and it went well, however it took a year or so for her to actually be deemed trained. After Pebbles gave birth to a small litter of puppies (from which we kept one of the puppies), I noticed that she was not able to control her bladder as much which is fully understandable. However, I have noticed that during the day she will wait at the door so we can take her out, but when the night comes she doesn't let us know when she needs to be let outside.
My dog is a great dog, just like every other dog out there. Although she prefers my mother to me, she still loves me unconditionally and I wouldn't trade her for any other dog.

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