Che Guevara

Bichon Frise / Yorkshire Terrier Mix

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Posted March 21, 2014

Having this sweet little guy as a member of our family for the last 6 years has been a true pleasure. He has added so much to our lives and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Che Guevara was first welcomed into our home as a sweet little 4lb. 8 week old puppy. After we carefully selected his breed mix, a Bichon Yorkie, we purchased him from a hobby breeder in our community. We chose to own a Bichon Yorkie after our research indicated that he would possess the following qualities; non-shedding/hypoallergenic, small adult size, easy temperament and loveable nature.

My wife and I are young and active, we enjoy many outdoor activities including camping, running and hiking. Che has been an amazing companion for all of these adventures. There's nothing like fishing from my canoe with Che being 100% focused on my line. Or hiking through the woods with Che running ahead with his nose to the ground as he flushes out some animals.

As Che has grown up and developed into an adult dog, he has not exactly worked out as advertised. We wanted a dog that would not exceed 15lbs., but as a healthy active adult he weighs in at 24lbs. We also wanted a dog that would require minimal grooming. While Che requires far less than many dogs he definitely needs to be groomed about once a month or so, otherwise he starts to get dreadlocks. Che is also very clingy and needs to be with people all of the time. This may be because I have always taken him with me everywhere I go and so he is used to it, or it may be related to his breed. Leaving Che alone for any length of time means that he will bark obnoxiously until our return. However, please don't let all of that give you the wrong idea. We treat Che like a family member and he occupies a gigantic part of our hearts.

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