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Bishon Yorkie Poo - A Unique Little Guy!



Posted February 24, 2014

This dog is one that will keep you happy and busy. A very friendly little guy who likes to be the center of your attention.

I received mine when my mother's friend was moving from her house to an apartment building that does not allow live-in pets. I was very fortunate for this event as I am now a happy dog owner! :)

The only downside was the dog's lack of training. At roughly 15 months old, I was unsure as to what all he had been exposed to. The first year I owned him was very rough, as he was totally new to me and the way I operate. I work a 9-5 job, but am still living with my parents. My father is retired and able to let him out (on a leash for the first year or so) and play with him when he is hyper. When I come home he needs to be walked for roughly 30-45 minutes before he becomes played out.

He is constantly at watch, looking out of my front room's window a lot of the time. He likes to be alert and to make sure you know when people are anywhere near the house.

He is slightly chaotic in the sense that he has chased little baby bunnies around my back yard in the past. The bunnies he was able to get a grip on he flung around in a playful way, but to these very newborns it was very problematic. We kept a close watch on him until we were reasonably sure the bunnies were moved away and old enough to be more able to run and fend for themselves.

Overall I would say that he is a really good dog. A little troublesome at first with the big change in his life, having to become acquainted with a new owner and house, but better since then. He is very energetic, which can sometimes be a burden, but one I gladly shoulder. He is loving and fun to be around.

Negatives include: loud barking quite often, neediness sometimes bordering on "Come on! Really?!", hair grows pretty quickly, needs to be trimmed fairly often, will still sometimes do his business in my basement (though I attribute that more to getting him a year+ into his life, I would have corrected that behaviour much earlier had I been his first owner, and do not hold it against him, though I do try to teach him it's wrong to do)

This is a fun smaller dog to own, and one I would recommend to people looking for a loveable small family dog!

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