Bichon Frise / Yorkshire Terrier Mix

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Bichon Frise/Yorkie Mix - Perfect for First Time Owners



Posted April 21, 2015

This dog is the perfect fit for me and I love him to bits. He is my first dog, and I couldn't have picked a better breed when it comes to obedience and overall ease. There is no alpha drive in him and he picked up training quickly.

When I got him as a puppy, he was easy to crate train and had few accidents in the beginning, With diligence, he now has no trouble with his bladder and has no accidents. The best part about this pet - for me - is the fact that Bichon's are hypo-allergenic. I have a mild allergy to dander, and Jackson doesn't affect my allergies one bit. His coat is soft, easy to brush and requires medium to high maintenance. I shave him down in the summer - usually a kennel cut with tapered ears and tail.

My one negative with this breed is separation anxiety. It began as a puppy and never stopped. Chewing on paper and cardboard, eating the garbage, climbing on the counter tops and getting into cereal boxes, destroying furniture legs, etc. I hope he will grow out of this as he ages because it is slowly getting better with time. Bichons are smart dogs, and giving them something to do when alone can help ease this (hiding treats around the house, getting "genius toys" for kibble feeding, and more). They are such a lovable, dependable, and happy breed that being alone is difficult for them. On the other hand, this is a great dog for a multi-dog household. Calm, unreactive and playful.

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