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United Kingdom

Posted August 11, 2014

This little girl can definitely be a Diva! She can also be a bundle of love and affection towards familiar faces, and great playmate when she actually gets out of bed!

Chanelle came into our lives after her previous family could no longer handle her. She was a boisterous puppy of only 7 months old, and required a lot of time and attention. Now 4 years later she's a much calmer, maturer adult, who definitely deserved a second chance at the right home.

Her previous family trained her, I daresay not very well. She was mainly trained to hunt rabbits and her house training was not that good. She still has accidents in the house and barks excessively. Her previous family had children who were quite rough with her which shows, she is somewhat patient with children but will bare her teeth if they touch her back legs or lower back.

We weren't really too sure what we were in for when we brought Chanelle home, we'd never owned a Bichon Frise or Yorkie or any small dog for that matter. Our dog at the time was an old Beagle mix named Danny, and although she was not warm to Chanelle, Chanelle was immediately warm towards her. It wasn't long before they were friends and Chanelle would often clean Danny's poorly eye.
Sadly she is now the only dog we own after Danny passed away last year.
As an active household we don't often spend much of the day in doors, which Chanelle is perfectly content with. She will often spend lazy days in bed, she has a morning walk at 8am, after which she runs back to bed. Until around 12pm when she will come downstairs and entertain herself before going on a walk at 3pm. On the evenings she cuddles into my mother (her favorite human) before she decides she wants to go to sleep again and will wait at the bottom the stairs for my mother.

Unfortunately, despite Chanelle being so young, her sight is now fading. However what she lacks in sight she more than makes up for in hearing. Always the first to hear anyone approach the door, even before they knock. She is very vocal, often for far longer than necessary, which is often a bit of an annoyance.

As for grooming, her fur is quite manageable and is easier enough to trim at home, the hard part is trying to catch her! She can get smelly quite easily when she's not bathed, between washes we spritz her with dog deodorant and comb is through her fur. Occasionally she will get knotty fur which is easily sorted with a pair of scissors, detangling spray and a brush.

Positives: A loving and friendly attitude, perfect for small living arrangements, very laid back and lazy, once you get a hold of her she loves being brushed, when she does actually get of bed she's very playful

Negatives: She is loud, very loud and barks excessively when someone knocks, she is often needy and will do her best to guilt trip you into petting her, she sometimes is a little impatient with children, she is prone to yelping for particular reason, she often does this while cleaning herself or when you walk past her (possibly due to past owners), she has the bad habit of urinating on the carpet in front of the bathroom

Overall, Chanelle has been a wonderfully pleasant dog despite a few flaws. I couldn't ask for a dog more loving and loyal, even my dad has a soft spot for her!

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