Bichon Frise / Poodle (Toy) Mix

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Posted October 21, 2014

We've had this dog since he was able to leave his mother and I'm going to try to give a review that isn't tainted through the eyes of love.

Let's start with the bad - he is very territorial with our house and although he will cuddle with all of us he's in love with one person more than the others--my middle daughter, but he doesn't listen to her. It's like he thinks he's her brother. He does listen to me but I am the one who trained him to commands. He doesn't like people walking on our street and will sometimes bark at them and other dogs from his side of the glass. He also doesn't like people to leave our house. He can be a bit yippy for no reason it seems.

Because he has hair and not fir (one of the reasons we got this breed of dog) he needs a hair cut and often. I usually get him cut low and then it takes a month or so for him to grow out but if you let him go too long his hair will matte. He needs to be combed or brushed out daily.

The good - he is cuddly and enjoys being petted and having his belly rubbed. He has a great personality and is exuberantly welcoming when you return from anywhere...even the mailbox. He is very intelligent although he is good at acting like he doesn't know what you're talking about. He makes sure not to do the behavior again....at least when you're not looking. He can be a bit sneaky but that's because he's pretty smart.

All in all he's a great dog for our family. He appears to thrive when he's given a great deal of attention so I'm not sure how he would do with a family who isn't home a lot, but I'm sure he'd adjust.

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