Bichon Frise / Poodle Mix

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United States

Posted April 9, 2016

When my grandma decided to get a dog, I thought she would come home with a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian. I was surprised when she revealed a fluffy, white dog from under her arms. She had named her Angel. She felt as soft as a cloud, so I came to realize that Angel would be a perfect name for her. Fluffy and white, Angel was the most playful puppy and was incredibly spoiled by my grandma. That is where the only mistake was made by my grandma. She gave into the begging and every whim Angel put on my grandma. I was the one who had to teach her how to sit and to stay still for a treat. Before any trainings, Angel didn’t really pay attention to any commands. Angel used her fluffy coat to get anything she wanted. That is the only thing I would say about Angel. It was a lot harder to teach her anything as she got older. Another aspect I didn’t like at all was her grooming. That is probably the worst thing, for me. Her hair would grow back so fast that I definitely had to help my grandma out with her grooming. If I failed to groom Angel, her hair would get stained from grass and dirt when I let her outside so I would have to clean them every time she wanted to come back inside the house. Now, in her later years, her eyesight is failing a bit, but that may be just because she’s a bit on the older side. Nonetheless, she still keeps vigilant and alerts me to any visitors that happen to be at the door. Angel gets along with other dogs but has less patient for puppies. Her coat is still soft as a cloud. My grandma has passed away, so now I’m taking care of her full time, but she’s quite content and keeps a lovely Bichon/Poodle lifestyle, even though it may not match mine at times.

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