Bichon Frise / Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

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United Kingdom

Posted February 10, 2014

Dandelion, my Bishon Frise crossed with a Corgi, has only been with my family and I for just over one month. After both of my elderly dogs passed away, I still had one remaining dog, Maisee the Shih Tzu, so decided I should get another dog to join our family to be company for Maisee and to help to heal the wounds of my 2 wonderful canine companions.

Dandelion was chosen from a local animal shelter. I only went to “have a look” and both my husband and I were bowled over from the moment we both saw her. She was frightened, shivvering and looking terribly timid from the commotion of the other dogs going on all around her. We took her out to see what she was like on the lead, slightly away from the racket of the rest of the dogs all trying to get noticed. She pounced all over us like she adored us immediately. They even brought out the kennel's resident cat to check how Dandelion was with them, as I also have two of our own. She ran up to it, licked its face and we were sold!

It's difficult to talk about Dandelions temperment bearing in mind we have only had her for around six weeks. But in that time, she has absolutely slotted into our family as if she has always been there. She has got on with Maisee right from the first day and the two are now inseperable. The sad truth is Dandelion ended up in the rescue centre because she was doing her toilet in the house. Yet within one week, we had her trained on puppy pads. She is incredibly smart and has learned her basic training skills such as toilet, sit, stay, lie down and drop all within a fortnight of her arriving here. Just a few times of teaching her these basic lessons and she learned them. It's almost as though she WANTS to please you. Because of the Bishon Frise in her, she does need a lot of grooming though, so it's worth considering that should you be thinking of getting a dog like Dandelion.

So would I recommend this mixed breed? Absolutely without hesitation. Everyone that she meets completely adore her. She is extremely loving and gentle and loves everyone and everything. Put that with very intelligent and you get an extremely good manipulator! (Although those puppy eyes help!) As far as health goes, I cannot guess how she will grow up. But for the moment, I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. I cannot think of a better breed of dog that could have helped to heal the hole my elderlys left behind. She is a fluffy ball of love, and every home should have one!

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