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Bailey the Bichon Frise - A Great Dog for All


United States

Posted July 21, 2013

I will be frank, I do not own this dog. However, I have spent much time with it as I lived with my sister in law for about a half a year while my brother was deployed to Iraq (with the military). They got this dog shortly after it was born. I've never been a huge fan of "smaller" dogs, but over time this little guy grew on me and was really fun to be around. They are also easier to deal with in some ways.

Overall, this little guy has a great personality. Like many Bichon's, he does have the propensity to bark a lot as a way of communicating, but it is not too bad and easy to adjust too. After some training, it has settled down considerably as well. He is really fun to play with. Almost always energetic and wanting to play. It is great when we had company over. Whether it was friends or family, young or old, or even another dog or two, he always got along with everyone. As such, he became the household "baby" more or less. That is, until my brother and his wife had a child a few months back. Bailey gets along well with him as well!

It took some time to get him fully potty trained, but with those initial accident problems over, there are few problems I have with this dog. Again, he does require a lot of energy, but it's too be expected with a dog of this breed and size. If you have children, he is a great pet for kids. When he is tired, he comes and relaxes on the couch with us; and enjoys just chilling around too.

My sister in law has taken him to doggy daycare a few times a month, and he gets along well with just about every dog he's been around. Whether they are large breeds or small breeds, he does well in just about every context.

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