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Bichon Frise - A crazy cookie


900472, Romania

Posted September 25, 2015

Eva is 11 months old. She is extremely enthusiastic, hates being at home by herself, she is really jealous when we get near Buffy (our other dog). She is scared to play with other dogs except Buffy. The doctor said that this might happen because of her age and that she will outgrow this fear. She is very obedient when we tell her to sit, to go outside, she doesn't live further than 20 feet away when we go outside. The one thing that we can't get her to do is not to bark whenever someone opens a door. I know it's what she is supposed to do but she does it every time really really loud and it goes for 2 minutes and we can't get her to stop.
It's really cute her constant need for our attention and it brings a smile on my face regardless of how upset i am.
I started training her ever since we got her. With easy steps and reward anytime she did something good.
Having a bichon doesn't have a bad part unless you are looking for a guarding dog, than no, a bichon is not the dog for you. But for other purposes like company, amusement, energy, it could be a great experience.
A bichon does not need constant grooming, constant care and lot of money invested.

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