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United States

Posted February 5, 2014

Teddy was originally my grandmother's dog, but she got passed on down to my family. She came to us when she was around three years old, so I can't speak to any puppy training issues with her. She was well trained when we took her in, although she had never lived with cats before and chased my two cats constantly. They couldn't even be in the same room together. Over the years that has changed, and they now lived side by side fine, but it was definitely a bit of a war zone at first.

Teddy's always been super easy to walk and socialize with other dogs. She's extremely patient and gentle, especially with children or new people. We know she's part Bernese Mountain Dog, though we're not entirely sure what else she's mixed with, but whatever it is definitely gives her a very family-friendly personality. She's generally a quiet dog, and will only bark when she wants to come back inside the house after letting her into the yard. She has long fur so we give her a brushing once a week and pull out any sticks or thorns that get stuck to her. We also shave her coat in the summer to help her cool off.

The biggest problem that has developed with Teddy is her tendency to put her paw on you when you sit down. She'll do it to anyone, regardless of how well she knows them, and as soon as you stop petting her she'll do it again to get your attention. We've talked to dog trainers about this and tried to correct it but nothing has really worked and we've taken to putting a pillow between us and Teddy when she starts to paw at us until she loses interest.

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