Bernese Mountain Dog / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Bernese Mountain Dog/Labrador review


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted May 16, 2016

My personal experience with my "Labernese" dog has been incredible. We got him when he was only three weeks old; he was a very playful and gentle puppy. He didn't make a mess, he peed on his training pads (which barely took any effort to teach him how to do) and he was very aware of his surroundings. As he grew up he was very easy to train. He got the hang of the tricks we taught him in no time! To this day he always listens to commands and does not act out while we are out of the house. He is extremely good with kids, and we have never once heard him growl since we got him. He loves the outdoors, especially in the winter time. Despite all the great things about him, Rocco still has his flaws. He's a very nervous dog, meaning any sound such as a truck passing by, thunder, any sort of boom or bang will scare him. He tends to hide when he hears loud noises. He also enjoys waking people up by trying to say "hello" and opening doors with his nose. He gets distracted very easily, for example when he sees a squirrel in a tree his focus will be on none other but that squirrel. Overall he is an incredible, intelligent and kind dog. I would highly recommend this breed to family-oriented people.

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