Berger Blanc Suisse

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: Crate, Assistance

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My sensitive Sam


Castle Rock, Washington, United States

Posted February 5, 2019

Sam was a foster I received from one of the rescues I work closely with. Sam was a beautiful dog. Purebred and pretty well trained. His previous owner passed away, and he was an outdoor only pet, along with his girlfriend. The previous owners bred them both pretty frequently. Sam was five years old when he came to me. He was in pretty poor shape and needed a VERY good grooming. This breed of dog has a long coat and sheds a lot, similar to a husky. Sam also had hip dysplasia as well as toy aggression. Which was difficult to deal with because my pit mix loves her toys, however, we took the toys out of the equation all together so we didn't have any problems. Sam was with us for around two months and we all had a hard time letting him go to his new adoptive family. Sam was very scared and we found out he ran away the first night of being gone and stayed gone for almost a whole week. He was living outside. I felt terrible in his senior years he had to go through this and SO wish I could have adopted him, he was a great dog. His new family is very lucky to have him, though. He was a very sweet dog, besides a few minor flaws, and the grooming needs of course. A white dog in rainy and muddy Washington state was not a great match! After researching his breed, I have found that they are very skittish, and he matched the bill on this. He was terrified of loud noises. Fireworks, cars, and the boats on the nearby river. A wonderful dog still, and I'm sure his new family is very happy with him!

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