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A Belgian What?


United States

Posted July 17, 2016

Gemma came to me as a round ball of red fluff. I brought her home, set her on the ground and she sat there, looking up at me, wagging her tail. I fell in love!

Before getting Gemma, I really wasn't familiar with the breed. I knew someone who raised them and had an accidental breeding, so Gemma was given to me. Gemma was beautiful from the start with her long red hair and black face. She was difficult to housebreak, mainly because it was winter when we got her and her humans didn't always respond as quickly as we should! She was a wonderful family dog, being included in every aspect of my children's lives, playing with the cat and generally being a good watch dog. I had a large back yard and she was able to run on a daily basis.

Belgian shepherds require a large amount of activity, training due to their high level of intelligence which can result in boredom. Tevurens require daily brushing do to their long hair. Similar to German Shepherds (I have had 4 German Shepherds) they make wonderful watch dogs, being wary of strangers and protective. They are large, although not as large as German Shepherds, very active, and seem to be always thinking. Gemma would hide things in her crate (shoes, towels, children's toys etc), she did laps around the backyard and wore a path in the grass and when we weren't watching she washed the dishes that were in the kitchen sink and helped herself to bread or whatever was on the counter.

Overall, I would not recommend Belgian shepherds to the first time dog owner due to the fact that they are very active and require a lot of training and a strong alpha personality. However, if you have had experience with any of the herding breeds, a Belgian shepherd might be a good match for you.

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