Belgian Malinois

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United Kingdom

Posted December 19, 2016

The Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian Shepherd, and is a wonderful, intelligent and incredibly protective breed. However, you definitely need to research this one before you decide to introduce him/her to your family. This breed is used by the armed forces in Afghanistan, and by anti-poaching teams in Southern Africa, to seek out and in some cases attack the bad guys, when needed. They are fiercely loyal, but their intelligence and protective instinct, as well as their high levels of energy, mean that they need a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation. With Chobe, a beautiful Malinois I have had the pleasure to live with, walking/running/chasing a Frisbee is useful, but his favourite activity is his bite-training and drills, with a professional trainer. Watching Chobe psych himself up as the trainer approaches him, dressed in protective gear and wielding a fake ‘baton,’ we brace ourselves for what comes next: when commanded, Chobe launches himself at the brave trainer, either barking or grabbing at his sleeve, depending on the instruction. At the command to “leave,” he retreats immediately and watches his owner. The skill, speed and force of this dog is only really made clear during exercises like this- but it drives home the point that this breed is not made for curling up on the couch all day. Chobe is very loving, and still thinks he's a puppy- he likes to get onto your lap for a cuddle- but he is also highly strung, neurotic and, without proper training, a real liability. So think twice, maybe even three times, and do your homework on this breed!

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