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Belgian Malinois: Intelligent Dog


7016, Philippines

Posted July 13, 2016

There is a reason why Belgian Malinois dogs are often chosen and trained as police dogs --- they are very intelligent.

Kobe is our Belgian Malinois. He was given to us by a dog-lover friend who breeds dogs as a hobby. Although we got Kobe when he is almost a year old, we did not have a hard time training him since he can easily catch up.

Kobe displays behavior and temperament common to Belgian Malinois. He is loyal, sturdy and alert. He is also very vigilant which makes him a great watch dog. Kobe, although can be stubborn at times, is sweet and always tries hard to please his owners. We, however, have to socialize Kobe since he tends to be very territorial and can get aggressive whenever we have visitors in the house that he is not familiar of.

Kobe, just like any other Belgian Malinois, is very active. He requires activities with high intensity just like running and chasing frisbee. Long walks also work with this breed. This kind of dog, although can be kept indoors with ample space, actually loves to stay outdoors. We find it important to engage Kobe in different activities that could stimulate his brain and would allow him to spend his energy so he will not get bored. Bored Belgian Malinois can exhibit destructive behavior such as biting and destroying shoes and slippers or house furniture.

As to small pets and other animals, we try our best to keep them away from Kobe. He tends to exhibit his "predator" instincts and we have actually lost couple of ducks,geese and chickens because he thinks it is fun to chase, catch and kill them. As to our other dogs, Kobe do get along with them pretty well but there are also times that he gets annoyed when disturbed and just wanted to be left alone.

If you are looking for a pet who can influence you to adopt an active lifestyle, Belgian Malinois is the right dog for you. However, it is important that before getting a dog of this breed, you would assess the space in your home. Since this kind of dog is very active, he needs a huge space where he can run around and play. It is not recommended to keep this kind of dog in a small apartment and not taking it out to the park or anywhere for its exercise. Also, if you are a first time dog-owner, this breed may not be great for you because they can be manipulative and stubborn and it is hard to make them follow you if you lack consistency or if you wear your heart on your sleeve.

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