Belgian Malinois

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Webberville, Michigan, United States

Posted January 20, 2016

First off, don't get me wrong, I love this dog. Jo was given to me by a friend after she flunked out of police-dog-school, so she did come pre-trained (in German, which has been a bit of a barrier between us). She is not what I expected! When I got Jo, everyone raved to me about how smart Malinois are, how quick and easy to train, well...she's about as dumb as a bag of wet hair (again, part of this is due to our language difference) but her personality is gold. This dog will cuddle you all night, go on endless walks, or sleep on the sofa all day with no complaint. She really goes with the flow, no matter what. Also, no barking! Seriously, I think she's barked twice since I've owned her.

Interestingly, for a dog with a mind of mush, she does get bored easily. Two cell phones, one pair of wooden clogs, and a countless number of socks later, we invested in a heavy duty Kong and multiple puzzle toys. This has decreased the number of ingested, inedible items by a small margin, but enough that it's become a tolerable offense. We thought we'd try skijoring, so I put the harness on her and went back in the house to go to the bathroom, and in the time it took me to pee, she had chewed the harness off - so that idea is kaput until further notice.

Also, cats are delicious. As are chickens, rabbits, tires, her brother, etc...

In summary, I'd recommend this breed to someone who wants a 60lb lap-pet and is also interested in starting a one-dog racing team. She'd also be pretty good at search and rescue, as long as you don't value whatever you're searching for, or you'll be rescuing it three days later in the yard with a scooper.

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