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Kitty, the Belgian Malinois


6100, Philippines

Posted January 15, 2016

My sister and her boyfriend bought a Belgian Malinois from a breeder and named him Sam. Sam was brought home when he was 4 months old. He was playful, but a fierce dog at that age though, at times. Sam was then brought to my sister’s little apartment when he was around 5 months old. He was kept there for a year without seeing other people besides my sister and her boyfriend. He was barking at everyone he sees and everyone was scared when he is being taken for a walk. He cannot recognize me anymore. I tried to feed him and did things so he will recognize me again, but there was no positive change. I gave up. My sister thought we needed professional help regarding this matter.

Until now, Sam is still the same because professional help in our area is so expensive. One day, a breeder asked my sister to have Sam hit with Keeba, their female Malinois, and agreed for a puppy share. Keeba gave birth to four cute little puppies. The breeder made us choose one and we chose the chubbiest of them all—Kitty! I know how ironic for a name that sounds for a puppy, but we got used to it. Kitty is way too different than Sam. We learned our mistake and we tried to apply what we learned to Kitty. Kitty is a very playful dog and she loves to lie on everyone’s lap. She is very sociable and doesn’t bark hard on everyone she sees. When you play with her and accidentally made a scratch on your arm with her teeth, she would run under a table and stare at you with those cute puppy eyes that you might think she’s very sorry for what she did. She loves to sit behind you when you are standing and just stare at you. She would then slowly lie on the floor and offer you her tummy for a belly rub. Her legs would shake out of excitement even before we give her a tummy scratch. And, she would bark back at Sam to stop him from barking every time Sam barks at people he sees. Kitty has become a good guard dog and a huggable friend. Thanks to Kitty… I have a good impression on Belgian Malinois again.

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