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Reagan- The Family Guard Dog


United States

Posted June 10, 2015

We were not expecting this dog to come into our lives, but we are really glad she did. Reagan has been an incredible dog. She is the smartest, most loyal pet we have ever owned. We learned that Belgian Malinois are the type of dogs they send in with the navy seals, and we can see why. Our dog is extremely intelligent ad is always looking for a 'job'. She follows us around everywhere, but is mostly attached to my dad. Since he has retired, this was the perfect dog for him. She is extremely loyal and enjoys the amount of time my dad spends with her.
I would not recommend this breed to anyone who is gone all day. Regean used to get extremely anxious when she was home alone, even when we crate trained her. She would become very loud and neurotic. We ended up getting another Malinois mix as a buddy. This changed everything! Reagan's temperament become much more manageable. She is definitely the type of dog who does not like to be alone. She is very good as sensing people's moods. She will act completely different around a hyper teenager and an eldery person. Reagan is great at listening to commands and learns tricks almost instantly! We have taught her to sit, stay, lay down, play dead, roll over, army crawl, speak, dance, and play dead. Reagan will snuggle on the bed next to you and not move a muscle until she knows you are awake. She thrives on routine and will definitely try and keep you in line!
Belgian Malinois are extremely loyal dogs and need attention, but they give all of the love right back to you. I would recommend this breed to anyone who has time to dedicate to their pets.

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