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Posted May 27, 2015

Belgian Malinois are one of the top dogs used as military war dogs and for the K-9 unit around the world. They are fierce, agile and have a tough bite. Thier bite is extremely quick, frequent and hard which is why their nickname is the "maligator"

Nothing about this breed is good for beginner dog owners. Left without constant mental and physical stimulation they can become your worst nightmare. A properly bred maligator will have no off switch and be completely fearless. These dogs are not for the faint of heart. They are bred for one purpose only and that is to take down the bad guy by any means necessary.

Some people are trying to breed Belgian's to become good "house pets" while it is possible to own one in the home and not in a "working" setting by using schutzhund/IPO work this is not recommended. These dogs are the elite when it comes to law enforcement and protection work.

The best way to explain it would be like taking a marine and only having them be security guards. It's extremely possible for a marine to effectively be a security guard, nothing to be ashamed of in the slightest. But all of the skills and potential to do more, to save more people is being limited by their surroundings and the scope of that job.

These dogs are working dogs and as such they are relentless with limitless potential. To make them into lesser dogs by down breeding into "calmer more family oriented" pets would be doing this breed and society an extreme disservice. When you send your son, daughter, father or mother into war. You want them to have the best protection by their side. A fearless courageous companion that will defend them to their last breath. A dog who is bred and raised to be fearless with the skills to do so they are masters in their ability to protect.

As a family companion they can make great dogs. Just be prepared to always be on your toes because they will constantly test you for leadership. They require constant training so they don't turn destructive. Not to mention the cost for toys and chews because nothing will last long once a maligator gets a hold of it!

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