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Oregon, United States

Posted April 6, 2015

Life with a Belgian Malinois will keep you busy as they are incredibly smart and athletic dogs. They need a human parent that will spend time with them from a young age, socializing, training, and exercising.

Kira, my Mal, is happiest playing fetch near a body of water (she hates hot weather). Because Malinois are so smart you need to be careful how you train them. Kira for example is very sensitive to getting things wrong, her sister was even more so when they were pups.

One of the biggest negatives is that they are pushy with their pointy noses. There has been many glasses of coffee and wine spilt, because Kira came over and pushed an arm for attention.

The other draw back is this breeds reactive snap. In Kira's case, and other Malinois that I know, they can't help sometimes but snap in their excitement. Kira always feels bad if she does inflict a little pain, it is never intentional. If not socialized well that snap can turn into a fear/aggression bite. This is why they get the nickname Mal-n-gator. You just need to keep in mind that they are herding dogs meant to move sheep and this is a common trait among sheep herding breeds.

Although the Belgian Malinois has a bad reputation (many of us Malinois lovers like to keep it that way) they are not actually that aggressive if raised right and not trained in Schutzhund, which they are very well known for, they can make great all around dogs.

My girl, Kira,
- Loves anyone who will give her a rub,
- Great with children, although I wouldn't leave her unattended
- Good with other dogs but would rather be left alone.
- Quite and calm indoors, but will run laps around outside
- and is not trust worthy with small animals and sometimes livestock

The Truth is the Belgian Malinois can be anything, go anywhere, do anything dog! The catch is you have to be willing to consistently give them a physical and mental outlet. You have to put in the time if you want to shape the dog you imagine.

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