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The Belgian Malinois - Just try and keep up


JBLM, Washington, United States

Posted October 13, 2014

I have a two year old Beligian Malinois named "Diva". Diva is my first Malinois. I read everything I could about the breed and plunged in. Wow, what a dog. Diva is the smartest and most sensitive dog I have ever owned. She was house trained by four months old and could "sit" and "down" within a day. We didn't even really have that big a puppy destruction phase. Of course, a few shoes never survived...and a shoe rack actually, but, all in all, not too bad. Now, two years later I have some words of wisdom for future Mal owners. If you don't like to run, play, walk, and throw balls then get a cat or a fish. The Belgian Malinois needs and craves exercise, attention, and lots of time with its owner. Diva is either going 100mph or 0. There is no in-between and if you can't dedicate part of every day going 100mph with your malinois both of you will be miserable. Mal's need to be with you and are naturally protective. Although very high strung, they are extraordinarily sensitive and require a firm but gentle hand when training. Honestly, Diva is the neatest, funniest, smartest dog I've ever had. I don't trust her around other dogs, and cats would definitely be an unfortunate experience, but if you are an active person that loves spending time with your dog, then a Belgian Malinois is a truly great companion.

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