Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Posted July 25, 2009

I've had my mix for 7 years. She was the dog that started an animal shelter, and remains a joy in her later days. She's very possessive of her property, and does not like to allow strangers to enter- even family members get a bark. or 6. But as long as they stay settled, she's fine with having them around. She has a VERY high prey drive, like that of a sight hound. To the point where she chased a rabbit into the streets and got hit by a car. She didn't perish, though, and managed to make a full recovery.

Now, there are a few downs. There's a thick double coat, which sheds excessively- especially in the fall, spring, and a little bit in summer and winter. But the fur on the feet are much less thick, and get cold quickly, to the point where they try to take their feet off the ground. All at once! Due to their thick coat, they can overheat easily in the summer, which doesn't mean they're perfect for one specific climate. Mine just wants to be friends with cats and submissive dogs, but they often want nothing to do with her, since she just has a look in her eyes like she might take her fun a little too far.

I'm not sure if this is apparent in both of those breeds, or it's something else in her mix, but she started to get cataracts a few years ago, which has become extremely apparent these last few weeks.

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