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Bella the Beast


United States

Posted October 8, 2014

Bella is the sister (and top dog in the photo provided) of the two Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd pups we adopted in 2013. They are from a professional breeder who purposefully mixed these two breeds to try to get the best from each one. His method was to have each parent be half Shepherd and half Malinois, thus the grandparents were two Shepherds and two Malinois. This breeding resulted in truly beautiful creatures that the whole family adores!

This review is on Bella only, but I will also do a review of Luigi because they are very different dogs.

Bella is the perfect little wild dog! She is very low maintenance in grooming and is very healthy. Her build is very impressive. She has lean muscle and agility. She can jump just like a deer, which comes from the Malinois who don't have the traditionally short back legs of a Shepherd). Bella also reminds me of a panther in her sleek walk and an alligator in her bite (with toys, of course!). She has lots of energy, but she is such a thinker and so intelligent that it is easy to harness.

I can't even explain how much personality she has. Bella will let you know if she doesn't like something (usually through silly little grunts) and she will purposefully rebel against unsure authority. She must respect you to listen to you. She is so attentive and has such high bite drive. Of course, she hasn't and wouldn't bite a person, but I can see exactly why this breed makes for excellent police dogs.

Bella loves the company of her brother more than anyone else, and they can play pretty rough (mostly because of her!). She is NOT a cuddler. She accepts petting, but too much affection bothers her. On the same note, what a watch/guard dog! She is on point in protecting the house.

I really enjoy her so much because I value her intelligence, physical ability, protectiveness, and low maintenance. But I wonder if she would be happier being out with cops catching the bad guys...

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