Bearded Collie

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Mazie, the one exception


Indiana, United States

Posted October 26, 2013

Bearded Collies are like most collie dogs--very energetic, but also very smart. Most have a very intuitive ability to herd sheep and such, as that is what they were originally bred for. I do not particularly like extremely energetic dogs, because they get on my nerves, but there are some Bearded Collies that are not necessarily so high-energy, jumpy, and barky (as most of my experiences with Bearded Collies are--though they are good with kids and other dogs, and really are very friendly, in general). Mazie and a male Bearded Collie we owned--Connor--both were more mellow and relatively lazy, as far as Bearded Collies go. Really quite friendly, and a little silly. The only real problems with Bearded Collies (if you don't mind high-energy dogs) is that their long hair require a lot of brushing and attention (we ended up shaving them most of the time, unless they were in a dog show), they're a bit stubborn, and a couple of our Bearded Collies have had medical issues: Mazie had a heart murmur, Addison's disease, and a pigment problem in her nose (it was pink instead of brown), Connor died of cancer, and Tango and Jazz both had bad arthritis (thought I guess that's what you get for jumping up and down all the time in your youth). Bearded Collies are a nice size, though--not nearly as big as Old English Sheep Dogs. The males are about the size of a Golden Retriever, but the females are smaller. Nice dogs, all around--grew up with them my whole life, and I can only complain about that I personally like more mellow dogs!

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