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United Kingdom

Posted May 12, 2013

Lady was a very calm, quiet, and overall affectionate dog- however she always had a kind of sadness about her, with large vacant black eyes which had the air of a creature that had seen darker days. We had found her limping terrorized and bleeding by the road- from whence she came or what she was running from we never discovered, but we adopted her as our own and nursed her back to health. She quickly became a part of the family, and was deeply faithful to us. Most dogs of her breed tend to be happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging joyful things- however despite being an overall happy girl, loud noises terrified her, and she soiled many of my mother’s carpets during thunderstorms. We never bothered with obedience training- thus she was very headstrong, and slow to listen to commands.

Her long hair proved to be quite a hassle, seeing that as a naturally outdoors dog, she seemed to revel in rolling around in the mud, much to my mother’s disarray. Be prepared to invest a good deal of time in grooming- and to buy the typical assortment of tools to get the knots out (shampoos, brushes, etc). Not a recommended breed for those of us living in big cities!

She was a loyal guard dog- extremely protective of my mother- and would lash out barking at any ‘’questionable looking’’ stranger if he tried to make any move towards her. She took her protection duties very seriously. The year we lost her due to a bad reaction to the vets drugs (we taken her there with a hip disorder, she was returned to us dead) was a sad year- and we’ll forever miss her.

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