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The Bearded Collie


United States

Posted January 22, 2015

Aspen, a Bearded Collie, is probably the all around best dog that my wife and I have had. She was simply beautiful after she had been professionally groomed. Bearded Collies bounce as they jog so they have been called a Bouncing Beardie. Aspen and my wife were best of friends. They were almost inseparable. My wife would often take Aspen on hikes in the forest as we lived near a national forest. Aspen would always stay right with my wife even without a leash.

Aspen was very easy to train. As I stated above, my wife would often take Aspen for walks without a leash and she would stay right with her. We could also take her out into the yard while we did yard work and she would stay right there with us even if someone was walking by. Even if another dog came nearby she would stay right with us. She might have barked at them but she would not leave the yard.

The one downside to a Bearded Collie is that they require almost constant attention to their grooming. If they are not groomed on almost a daily basis they will get mats in their hair which are impossible to get out if left unattended. Also, bearded collies shed quite a bit. If you don’t like dog hair laying around then a Bearded Collie is not for you.

I believe that the Bearded Collie is an excellent family pet even though it appears they gravitate to one person in the family. Of course, this is probably due to the fact that that person is the one that feeds them and cares for them most of the time. I would highly recommend a Bearded Collie as a family pet.

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