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United States

Posted November 25, 2013

Woof woof! My name is Reeses. I am a hyper, fun, loving dog! I am a Beagle and I am proud of it! Every other dog wants to be like me...I think! I am truly adorable and love my owners and his friends! I am smart and love to please so when my owner takes out the baggie of treats I do anything, and to be honest, I think I'm picking up on these tricks quickly! I can already sit, stay, lay down, and walk into my own crate on command but the problem is I get bored easily. Like I said before, I am hyper!! Lets go play! Outside I run and run and run and love to explore and chase things so that's why I need property and don't do so well in apartments. I know sometimes I make mistakes, but I try with what I can! I poop and pee inside sometimes because I have such a small bladder. I can't help it and I need my owner to understand that and walk me enough or let me play outside enough. When I am inside, I love to put my head between the blinds and watch what is outside and try to bark to everyone to say hi! I said, people love me! I know my owner loves me, and I love him. So sometimes I get a little possessive if other dogs try to come up and steal my thunder. I know I can be grumpy at times but my owner and I are working hard on this issue! Remember I love to please so I know I will get it! I love kids and I love cats! They are always so fun! I think I am the greatest breed because I am so friendly, I run as fast as the bigger dogs, I can howl when other dogs can't, I learn quickly, I have lots of energy, I love to please, and I love people!

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