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United States

Posted August 17, 2013

Daisy was brought into the family when she was about a year old. She belonged to my Aunt and Uncle and at the time they were living with us so she was kind of ours too. Daisy was a very LOUD dog. She barked a lot. As someone with Post traumatic stress disorder, this wasn't good for me. I was on edge a lot of the time when she was barking. She loved people, mostly my uncle, but was a little aggressive with the new canine addition to the household even though she was still new herself. My uncle had house trained her, and they tried to crate train her but that didn't work well. She had attachment issues and when my uncle would leave, she would cry and cry and cry till he returned. Often times Daisy would destroy my Aunts things when my Aunt scolded her for misbehaving, such as stealing food from a child or off the table.

My Aunt and Uncle were truck drivers so Daisy did go with them when they were out truck driving. Several times my Aunt would call home to report their dogs misbehavior including the one time Daisy shredded my Aunt's favorite bible. Daisy was good with children, loved attention but when she had enough she'd growl or snap at them, so she wasn't very patient. She did have a problem with getting into the garbage or stealing food. Begging would be taken to another level as she often climbed into someone's lap if they weren't at the dinner table. Because she barked so much she made house guests nervous. Daisy had quite a few bad traits in my opinion, but like every dog she had her good ones too.

She did comfort children if they were crying. She did protect us when she didn't trust a stranger near us. She was a good guard dog. Though she still had some behavioral issues that over shadowed her good points and turned me off to the breed entirely.

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