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San Clemente, California, United States

Posted January 3, 2019

When I turned eight I watched “Where the Red Fern Grows” and decided that I desperately needed a hound dog. I begin begging for a beagle, and my mother finally gave in and bought me one from a litter she found out of the newspaper. Understand that the beagle that I owned was not trained well. We lived in a rural area and let our dogs roam (a thought that nauseates me now).

The first time that my dog caught a scent, she ran off into the woods and began an unearthly howl. I truly thought that something terrible had gotten her and that the sounds were her last agonized squeals. No, that is how a beagle sounds, like a dying animal. They have a tendency to bark and might not be the best pets if you live in tight spaces where a neighbor might complain.

The great thing about beagles is that they love you, life, food, and whatever scent they just smelled. They are extremely easy going and forgiving of training mistakes. Their small size and sweet natures make them great pets for kids.

Training a beagle is challenging. They are a slave to their noses and tend to have a hard time focusing. Potty training can also be difficult for beagles. Smaller dogs have smaller bladders. Some beagles also do not seem as put off by using the bathroom in their own spaces. Patience and lots of trips outside are needed as puppies. Food motivation will be your best friend. Find the stinky stuff like liver to engage their noses and give them lost of encouragement.

Most beagles get along well with other dogs. They cannot protect your home, but they are happy to alert you if a person, squirrel, or suspicious piece of trash wanders too closely. Energy levels are around average. A couple walks a day and play time inside should be sufficient for most young beagles.

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