Sir Regal Beagle Bentley Boo the Fabulous


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Sir Regal Beagle Bentley Boo the Fabulous - Only rarely a royal pain


Hahira, Georgia, United States

Posted October 24, 2016

Our beagle, Bentley, is practically royalty within our household. He sleeps in bed with my mom, snuggled under her covers, and receives new toys fairly often. He gets all the butt scratches and belly rubs he could ever want. He isn't just spoiled, he's absolutely rotten, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Coming along with the breed itself, he unfortunately suffers from a sensitive stomach, and it took some time for us to find a suitable food that he would eat without causing him any issues. We opted for grain-free foods and his favorite is a specific pumpkin-flavored variety.

While he behaves when being bathed and brushed, he plays up the dramatics when anyone wants to clean his teeth or cut his nails. The poor, poor beagle will walk around favoring the paw if we try to get near him with the clippers, and even our vet has commented on his drama queen behavior.

His temperament is absolutely perfect for being a family pet surrounded by kids. He isn't keen on meeting new people all the time, but with our family he is a sweet cuddle buddy who would happily lie on the couch or in bed with you for hours. Lately he's had some issues with charging at our cats but we are working on fixing this behavior, and we have no other issues aside from him occasionally barking at the neighbors and their dogs.

When playing he prefers stuffed toys over balls or ropes. His favorite is a giant round plush beagle we found, although technically branded as a Saint Bernard by the manufacturers. When he wants a specific toy, he hunts for it, and it's funny to see him rummaging through his toy box to grab something from the very bottom.

He sometimes receives his meals in bed, he gets away with getting someone to carry him outside, and he gets tucked in under the covers to his liking. This beagle is certainly regal, which can make him a royal pain at times when this attitude acts up, but we love him all the same and couldn't ask for a better addition to our family.

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