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Evansdale, Iowa, United States

Posted October 5, 2016

Moxxi was found through an online listing and was close to home. We had been searching for a smaller dog to add to our home. We picked her up when she was 8 weeks old.

She was smart from the get go. At the time we had and outdoor cat that was taught to ring a bell to go outside. Without any prompting she watch the cat use the bell and learned how to do it herself. All aspects she was intelligent. She was able to learn tricks and use verbal or hand-gestures to perform. She was happy to perform without any treats and just a little love.

There was never a problem with our two cats or any of the children in our house. She understood that they were smaller and you have to be gentle. The worst thing she ever did to them was give them a full on bath of kisses.

My biggest complaint would be barking. Beagles are hunting dogs and she let people know. If someone was close to our yard she would bark whether she was inside or out. We had to rearrange our living room so she couldn't reach any windows during the day so we could enjoy time without barking. Any time we started a walk the first few minutes consisted of her announcing that the walk was starting by barking and howling.

A concern I had was the need to run. When we first got her we had a lot more free-time and were able to walk frequently. As we had to pull back on our walks the frequency of her trying to escape outside increased. If by chance she did escape she ran and did not look back. More then once I was caught calling for her and trying to pretend to play with her to trick her into coming home. She always came back, but we had her micro-chipped just in case.

Another issue we had was health problems. It may have been a unhappy instance, not sure if it was linked to the bread. She developed a cancer that could not be operated on and we incurred many expensive vet bills. Eventually her quality of life was declining and we were forced to put her down.

With all of the issues with health and the occasional escape she was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had and never missed a chance to cuddle up to sleep with me.

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