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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Joan of Bark


United States

Posted June 17, 2016

Joanie is one of the sweetest hounds you'll ever meet, although sometimes the lights are on, but nobody's home. She was adopted as a buddy for Gilbert, the special old beagle mix from another review of mine, and she bonded with him and the family immediately.

We adopted her at around 7 (although vets aren't entirely sure), and we strongly suspect someone used her as a breeding dog to make beagle puppies for hunting dogs. She is very maternal towards the other dogs and to her humans, although in her retirement, she's also found sleeping to be her favorite thing. She's in fairly good health and seems to be happy now that she's not in charge of a bunch of pups.

She's not the smartest dog out there, so she was a bit difficult to train and has a stubborn streak typical to beagles. She's still very affectionate and her training eventually paid off (because she's so food motivated, treat training worked well) and is great on a leash.

She's prone to eating a bit too much, but she does have a big back yard to roam around in with the rest of her pack. That has helped her shed some weight.

Speaking of shedding, Joanie does shed a ton during shedding season, but she loves brushing and baths, so she's pretty manageable.

She's not the smartest cookie, but she's a good companion dog and will watch over her two- and four-legged family. She was so distraught at the loss of Gilbert that she actually got a bit depressed, but she did cheer up with the company of the rest of her pack. Another senior dog success story.

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