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My sweet, stubborn Beagle


36014, Italy

Posted October 13, 2015

When my parents decided to bring a dog into our family, really, I was very happy. When I discovered it would have been a beagle - and especially when I first saw those handsome dog’s snout running and falling everywhere in the farming where we bought her - I was ecstatic.
It is a pretty expensive dog, especially if you want it to have a pedigree registration certificate, but it’s really worth it. It is not a dog you can bring home, not focus too much on it, walk it to the park sometimes and launch it a wood expecting it to bring something back, or whatever. Especially when they are cubs, you HAVE to make them the centre of the attention, if you don’t want to find your house destroyed, your telephone ate, a giant piece of salted smoked raw ham (not so cheap) lost forever in the hedge. Or your dog peeing on your bed (yes they are revengeful, a lot). A car even hit her once because she run away from home - the dog flied away for meters and had no wound – instead, the car was damaged. And she is a “she”, they say male beagle are even worst. She is very delicate in food, she eats just rice and chicken, fish or tasty meals. You can never trust her: if you want to go for a walk and take her collar away, she always walks near you until the moment you start thinking “oh, what a nice dog, finally she loves me”. That is exactly the moment when she runs away following some animal she snuffed in the wood.
Anyway my dog - whose name is Fly - makes us love her. Every time you are sad, she comes looking for you, she seats just near you and lets you hug her. When you lie down on the sofa, she lies near you, and she puts her snout on one of your feet or on your leg. When you go away she looks really sad, she watches you in the eyes until the moment you close the door: it’s impossible not to go away feeling guilty. Cubs are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I think, and they never become ugly. My dog, now, is fat and old, but still beautiful. She loves us and we love her in so many ways I cannot describe.
One thing I have to say about females, my veterinary told us (too late, now she’s sick) they are inclined to false pregnancy and to have breast cancer. So if you don’t reckon to make them have cubs, it’s better to sterilize them.
It’s not a simple dog, it doesn’t have an easy character. That’s why if you have one, you’ll remember it forever. Especially you will never forget their very big eyes, their white paws that look like little boots and their soft long ears that fall along their snout. I can define them a spiteful but very very smart breed.

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