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BooBoo the Bah-Roo-Roo Dog


United Kingdom

Posted June 5, 2015

We got BooBoo from a family friend who was a breeder. No one in the family had ever had a beagle before so having her was a learning experience for us all. Because she was intended as a family pet, we didn't bother with the obedience classes that were recommended to us. That might have been a mistake...

Boo could be extremely headstrong and determined, which probably wasn't helped by the fact that my father treated her like his little princess. We all agreed that she was special - but giving her a spot at the dining table was going too far!

The thing my brother and I liked most about Boo was her "funny" bark. I've met dogs since that have had similar barks but, at the time, Boo was the first I'd ever known to "bah-roo-roo". When she started bah-roo-rooing, we knew there was a critter in the yard Boo wanted to chase.

Chasing critters was Boo's favourite pastime. Beagles are natural hunters and Boo was no different. She knew how to work a field without ever being taught, systematically going up and down, with her nose to the ground. We were lucky enough to live out in the country where she could run relatively wild. Because beagles are very active and have a lot of energy, they need the freedom to move. A house in the country is perfect for them; a flat in the city would be too confined.

It was also lucky that my father was just months away from his retirement when Boo joined the family. Beagles are pack animals and enjoy being around other dogs (we had two others) and people. Boo was always around Dad, our dogs, and the neighbour's dogs so she had her own little pack.

In my experience, beagles are enthusiastic, friendly dogs with plenty of energy and I would highly recommend them for families with other dogs and children.

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