Beagle Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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United States

Posted June 4, 2016

We adopted a Beagle mixed puppy last summer. He had just had surgery for neutering and to repair a cleft lip. I have experience training dogs so I worked with him myself for puppy training for potty and obedience training. He is very playful and loves to run. Beagles have a characteristic sensitive nose and he is very food motivated so he spends a lot of time seeking out any crumb of food he can find. He is a very sweet and loving dog and enjoys time in your lap. We jokingly call him a mountain goat because he loves to climb up on anything he can get to. He doesn't bark too much but he does have a loud hound bark when he is alarmed so he makes a great watch dog but because of his smaller size (about 27lbs) I wouldn't say they make the best guard dogs. He is getting better with our cat but he still gets a little too excited when she lets him get close and then he scares her away when he tries to play. He doesn't spend a lot of time around small children but he's ok with them - I would just worry he would be too energetic and would knock a small child over and I would not put it past him to steal food from a kid!!

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