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Posted January 4, 2016

We got Lady as a puppy when I was 11 years old and I had her for 14 years until I was 25. She passed away from a tragic accident in November. I was completely heartbroken. We named her Lady because she was incredibly lady-like. She liked to be petted but was not overly affectionate. She would sit with her chin up and perfect posture while you pet her, but would move away and find her own space immediately after you stopped. She was sensitive about being touched by people she didn't know. I was the only person she would allow to pick her up without barking. She never attacked anyone, but would always bark at strange people and animals. She was easily housebroken and got along with small pets, children, and other people once they had been introduced to her as friends. She had a difficult time getting along with animals that were her size or bigger. She liked to be dominant. She was great on a leash or while tied up outside. She was smart and would even realize when she had gone around something that she had to go back to get herself unstuck. She loved to hunt (although I am not a hunter) and would take off at any given chance to run around the neighborhood, explore, and get in to trouble. This was the biggest problem with her. No matter how well behaved she was in the house or while on a leash, the second the leash was gone and she had freedom, she no longer listened. She loved to run, get into the neighbor's trash cans, and chase wild animals. She never caused a problem with any other dogs (other than bark at them if she didn't know them), but she did bring home a few rabbits and chickens after an adventure away from home. Usually the only way I could catch her without just waiting for her to return (which she always did) was to find her while driving around. No matter how excited she was to be running around, she would never turn down a car ride. She'd jump right in because she LOVED to ride in the car, head stuck out the window. She shed a lot, which was the biggest problem my mother had with her. No matter how often I brushed her or pulled hair from her, there was always more. A LOT more. She's been gone for 2 months now and I'm still finding her hair in my house when I clean. I could never get her crate-trained. She would bark and cry and chew anytime she was put in one. I had a beautiful wooden crate/side table that my dad bought for me that she chewed through one day while I was at work. However, she was very responsible in the house and never caused trouble so I just left her loose in the house anytime I was gone. She slept in her dog bed beside my bed at night. Despite the negatives about her, she was my best friend while I grew up and I loved and miss her dearly.

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