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Posted October 11, 2015

Stella came to us from our local Humane Society. From our understanding, she was a longtime stray before living with a foster family and having a litter of puppies. Stella resembles a purebred beagle, but the Humane Society told us that she is a mix between a beagle and an unknown type of terrier.
At first, Stella had issues with housetraining. There was a certain spot our carpeted steps where she liked to do her business. She would rarely, if ever, go if we just put her out on a chain. Once she became comfortable in our home, it became clear she had received some level of housetraining. Stella still won’t go on her chain (It’s currently somewhere in my garage), but she lets us know when she needs to go out and will happily do her business running free or on a walk.
Stella has many characteristics typical of beagles. She is so loyal and protective of our family/her pack that she would put herself between our newborn daughter and my mother in law until she decided that there was no threat. Although Stella is supposed to be to be“my” dog, she bonded with my wife and is now her shadow. Stella will follow her nose and forget about everything around her, but will come back when called. Stella also has the disgusting habit of rolling around in the stinkiest thing she can find to mask her scent - hunting instincts die hard.
Stella loves people and will try to crawl in your lap if you pet her, but also spends most of her day just doing her own thing. When she’s not watching the kids hoping they’ll drop some food, she’s usually napping.
Beagle owners should pay special attention to the breed’s tendency to overeat. When Stella came to live with us, we could count her ribs. Within six months, she became overweight.

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