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Tina the Singing Hunting Gardening Woodworking Wonder Dog



Posted September 12, 2015

I named her after my first Doberman, Tina. This Tina is in no way like her namesake!
She lives in Trinidad with my current husband and her 2 sisters.
Singing - I get her to start singing in the morning when I tell her good morning. She starts the howling off and her sisters chime in at the right time. They all stop howling at the same time too.
Hunting - She runs like the wind, and outruns the prey. I think she might have greyhound in her along with Beagle.
Gardening - When my husband takes her on his trek to dig yams, she will start digging along with him and steal a yam or 2 and eat them.
Woodworking - She had a wooden kennel for herself at one time because she doesn't play well with other dogs, not even her sisters. She 'remodelled' all of her kennels by chewing the wood and ripping it off so that she had a more 'open' effect.
Wonder Dog - She does all that and she talks. Yes she talks..well more like she yells and she swears at me. Mostly when I'm not giving her enough attention when I'm visiting. She hates not being fed at the same time every day and will start barking and grumbling about an hour before it's time to feed her, just in case I forgot. People probably think I'm crazy because I argue with her - but she starts it I swear!- and I have to remind her not to use that language with me. It's pretty colorful and I don't know where she heard it from *cough*.
She's really clean too. This dog can go wallow in mud all day (which she doesn't because she's too girly) and go into her kennel and be clean in an hour. Her coat is like Teflon.
She's not friendly with other people and dogs even though she has her sisters. We never taught her to guard but she has a natural guard dog way about her.
She's getting older but she still loves to race. She goes for a brisk run with my hubby out in the forest but now she gets winded easily and comes back without him.
I hope she yells and swears at me for many years to come.

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