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Mixed Beagle Love (Daisy)


United States

Posted June 17, 2015

I remember the first day I met Daisy. It was Christmas day in 2006. She came wrapped in a pretty, red box with holes on the top for her to breathe. I was nervous because I didn't know what was in this big box. I carefully opened it and I saw the most beautiful puppy. She was so small and curious. Daisy jumped out of the box and began to explore my bedroom. I think she got too excited because she had an accident on my bed. My mom asked me what I was going to name her and the first name that popped into my head was Daisy. Thus, my adventures with the greatest pet I've ever owned began.

Since Daisy was a puppy it was easy to train her. My family and I were able to potty train her very quickly (the only accident she ever had was the first day we got her). I taught her how to sit, lay down, watch outside for strangers, shake hands, and my mom taught her that the kitchen was off limits. She was also trained to be in the car. She would sit or lay down the whole car trip and not bark. She loved looking outside and feeling the wind on her face. She was a very good listener. The only real problems we had with Daisy as a puppy was the fact that she would cry at night because she was in a new environment and also she would like to be chased if she got out of her leash. (Daisy was born in a barn, but she was the last puppy to go. When she saw her reflection she would cry. I think it's because she thought it was, perhaps, one of her siblings.)

Daisy also got out of her leash sometimes. She would let you get close to her and then she would start running from you again. She thought it was a game. She did, however, came back to you if you called her. She would then let you put on her leash again. She almost never pulled when she was being walked. Also, Daisy wasn't a big fan of baths. She knew she had to take them once in awhile, but she would always try to hide first. Once you did get her in the bath, she would have a look of defeat on her face. It was rather cute. Feeding Daisy and having her on a schedule was not hard. Since my family and I had different schedules it was not hard to take turns;we never left her by herself for too long. I walked her at least 3-4 times a day. She was fed, I believe, 2 times a day as well. She was full of life and character.

I know that Daisy was part Beagle and part mutt (I am not sure what the other breed was). She was not a handful at all. She was very loving and more like a lap dog. She loved to cuddle, play, and learn because she was ever so curious. I've grown a serious attachment to her over the years. It is sad for me to say that she is no longer here, but she will always be in my heart. In fact, I keep her dog tag as a necklace. I highly recommend getting a dog that is a Beagle or Beagle mix. They are loving, fun, and they make great companions and protective watch dogs. They will be your best friends for life.

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